University of Birmingham Business Club: Breakfast Briefing
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University of Birmingham Business Club: Breakfast Briefing

Breakfast Briefing: Innovative surface coatings and food hygiene

Surface coating has been implemented extensively across different sectors to modify and improve the surface properties of materials to enhance performance or provide protection in aggressive conditions. For food industry, advanced surface coating could offer an enhanced shelf life, improved food security and hygiene, and less impact on the environment. Over the past decade, we have been developing a wide range of surface coatings to improve the performance of consumer goods, compatibility of biomedical device, and efficiency of chemical process. It was found that the chemicals used, process implemented, surface treatment, and environment to be exposed could all influence the function and durability of the coating. Furthermore, there is a surprisingly consistent agreement between results over different length scales.

On Tuesday 10th October the University of Birmingham Business Club will host a breakfast briefing with guest speaker Dr Zhenyu Jason Zhang providing an overview of the University’s research in the area of coatings and exploring the ways in which companies can produce innovative coatings for their business.

Companies and academics are also welcome to deliver short, 4 minute elevator pitches at the briefing. If you are interested in pitching please get in touch:

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