Transforming Birmingham: a city system approach
What is it?

Transforming Birmingham: a city system approach

This workshop will focus on the next steps for developing an integrated, energy system that is flexible and resilient enough to deal with future challenges of a changing climate, a growing and ageing population, new technologies and renewable energy sources to decarbonise at a city-scale.

A representative sample of energy system modelling approaches across the UK will be presented and critically assessed with discussion expected on their usefulness for attendees’ requirements. Their potential for further modification with the incorporation of transport, housing, water and waste systems will also be discussed. Suggestions for improvements or a radical new approach may be required to represent the changing dynamics of energy provision at the city-level, regionally and nationally.

The workshop will take place in a collaborative setting and enable discussions between people from across the city spectrum (academia, business, utilities, public sector, policy makers and community groups) to share issues about energy systems. We will also inaugurate a new Transforming Birmingham Energy Systems Group for practitioners, academics and policy makers to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences, activities and aspirations.

To discuss your suitability to attend this workshop, please contact Dr. Susan Lee, Research Fellow at the University.

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