The Challenges and Heartaches of Clinical Trials – MedilinkWM
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The Challenges and Heartaches of Clinical Trials – MedilinkWM

Thursday 6 July 2017, Birmingham

Join industry expert Alex Toft for an insight into Clinical Trials, scientific advice and the challenges that you may come up against. This workshop will help you to overcome these challenges, so come along with any questions that you may have for the Q&A session at the end.

Covered topics will include:

A brief overview of the various phases of clinical trials

Scientific advice and the different approaches of the FDA and EMA – mitigating strategies

The pit falls and challenges with your hospital selections and appointments here and overseas

The curved balls from your toxicological programme and the challenges

Making sure you are CMC ready to support your trials

Anecdotal ethical committee challenge in overseas markets

Your CRO – friend or foe

There will be time for a Q&A Session at the end of the Workshop.  Register here.

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